West of Legal January Archives

Dream Vacations Gone Bad

January 29, 2012

So you are going on a dream vacation, but you want to be prepared so it doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Traveling to another country can be dangerous. Did you know that the number one cause of death for travelers is traffic accidents? What happens if you bring a prescription drug with you, but it’s illegal in the country you are visiting? What do you do if you are arrested in a country where you are considered guilty until proven innocent? The Constitution protects in the United States, but you are under the rules of the country you are visiting overseas. . Find out more on West of Legal every Sunday at 1 p.m.


Sports Injuries, Liabilities and the Law

January 21, 2012

Those who participate in sports know there are inherent risks for injuries. Indeed some 3.5 million children under 15 years old receive medical treatment for sports-related injuries. Some are minor such as cuts, broken bones and bruises. However, more and more serious injuries such as concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and death are affecting both young people and adults in organized sports. West discusses a new California “Shake it off” law aimed at athletes suffering concussions, he talks about assumption of risk and liability for sports injuries. Tune in to West of Legal at 1 p.m. on Sundays.


Neighbor Disputes

January 15, 2012

Disputes with neighbors can turn one’s dream home into a nightmare. This week’s West of Legal radio show will examine some of these disputes and offer advice on how they should be handled legally. West will discuss disputes over trees blocking ocean views, excessive noise issues and incessant barking dogs. Are ocean views protected? Find out on West of Legal this Sunday at 1 p.m.



Distracted Drivers

January 8, 2012

This week’s West of Legal show will include a discussion on whether drivers can use their cell phones when they are stopped at red lights. Also, West will discuss recent headlines by federal agencies calling for a ban on all personal handheld devices. Finally, there are several new laws in 2012 that affect drivers including booster seats for children under 8 years and the new law that puts an end to the automatic impounding of vehicles belonging to unlicensed drivers at sobriety checkpoints.



Drunk Drivers

January 1, 2012

The first West of Legal show will discuss a new law for 2012 that gives judges the authority to take away a convicted drunk driver’s license for up to 10 years if it’s a third conviction. Also, West will discuss the costs of drunk driving to those convicted as well as society. How and why sobriety checkpoints are operated and how drunk a driver has to be to be considered drunk under the law.